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Best Pixie Wigs: Top 5 Chic Pixie Wigs to Inspire Your Next Look

Pixie Wig Collection

"You don't have to commit to the cut.''  If you are non committal about cutting your hair, because you're not sure which style works for you, Weave Got the Look has you covered.  Simply select your favorite look from our Pixie Cut Collection before you commit to cutting your own hair. 

Pixie haircuts are trending among women of all ages from young women to middle-aged moms, no matter the stage in life, all versions of the pixie hairstyle is back and better than ever. Because of their versatility and minimal maintenance daily upkeep, they are having a major moment right now.

For example, you can go for a layered, high density pixie bob with a fringe bang, with tight sides, or you can opt for a chic, short, Halle Berry inspired textured pixie with bangs.

Here's the top 5 pixie cut styles to inspire your next look, all for under $75.

This fearless, trendy style, reminds us of ever so popular Hailey Berry cut, closely tapered around the ears and hairline with soft, voluminous length on the top. This affordable wig unit also incorporates some shorter fringe to frame the face or it can be styled away-from-the-face. 


2. MOD PIXIE - Sleek and chic. The mod pixie gives you a confident, bold vibe. This wig unit is low maintenance and will maintain its beautiful blonde highlights without damaging your natural hair. The cut is short evenly all over with clean and polished lines, ultra short bang fringe, and the style is great for someone who wants to get up and go, has oval shaped face and high cheek bones. 


3. TOUSLED, CHOPPY PIXIE - This ready-to-wear human hair pixie wig has a soft natural looking texture that can be worn with loose soft curls or you can go with a little product for a choppy flair. The sides and back are tapered around the hairline. It’s the ideal hairstyle for people who like versatility. Styling is pretty minimal maintenance — just grab some product, to give it tousling, and you’re golden.


4. PIXIE BOB - Bob, meet pixie. This short pixie wig style is a great option for those who aren’t quite ready to commit to an ultra-short do, but still want to try a more daring look. It’s shorter than your average bob, but longer than your traditional pixie cut. Since the top section can be left a bit longer, it gives room to style textures and create great shapes according to your face shape.  The full bang, lovely layers and long sides make you forget that it's a short pixie style.


 5. Layered Pixie - This popular style that has been a staple among Asian pop stars for quite some time.  This tapered pixie cut is essentially a square gradation pixie cut inspired by the ‘90s. The cut is lightly faded from the neckline and graduated right by the eyes, creating a lovely head shape. It's a fan favorite on our website, especially in the fierce, candy apple red color. The best part is that the style and cut looks good on all face shapes.

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